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Wendy Williams Tears Up Talking About Relationship With Her Ex – Watch

TV host Wendy Williams was recently on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show with host Karen Hunter at SiriusXM studios.

In a chat with Karen, Wendy Williams opened up about her alleged feud with Blac Chyna‘s mum Tokyo Toni.

She also spoke about her need to have a sober house to feel safe as well as her relationship with her ex.

Wendy Williams got emotional when Karen Hunter asked about how she was handling her recent separation from Kevin Hunter Sr. When asked whether she’ll change her name on credit card and bank accounts, Wendy got choked up.

She said:

My name is Wendy Hunter. That’s my son’s name. You can’t take away twenty…don’t make me cry… Next.

She added,

“I’m happy, I’m healthy…I’m at peace with the world and everyone around…I’m going through a situation in my family.”

“No! Don’t ask. Girl. No. Don’t ask. I know what you’re saying…but my family’s good, and we’ll always be family.
“Is there a chance…” Karen began to ask.

Watch below…

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