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Seyi Shay Explains Her Side Of The Brouhaha With Tiwa Savage

Singer Seyi Shay has explained her side of the whole brouhaha with Tiwa Savage at the salon saying the fight is more than the fvck you challenge she did.

Seyi Shay speaking in an interview with Pulse Nigeria said she thinks the fight Tiwa Savage started with her goes beyond the fuck you challenge she did in 2017 and that she’s angry with something else and not that.

Seyi Shay exchanged pleasantries with Tiwa Savage when they met at the salon but was surprised when she later walked to her and started shouting and screaming at her after 20 minutes later when they had exchanged pleasantries.

Seyi Shay also revealed that she intentionally didn’t say anything to Tiwa Savage and started recording her because she wanted everyone to know what she said to her and not because she didn’t have anything to tell Tiwa Savage.

To Seyi Shay, Tiwa Savage is angry over something else because after she did the fuck you challenge they have met on different occasion and exchanged pleasantries hence in her mind she thinks they are okay with everything.

Tiwa Savage is yet to share her side of the whole story.

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