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“I Signed Over 10 Endorsements With This Face” – Halima Abubakar Has No Time For Negative Comments

Halima Abubakar is unbothered about whatever negative comments people throw her way.

The actress is sharing how she struggled with a skin condition in 2018, which made her lose friends and lovers, to the extent that she couldn’t trust anyone enough to have a video call.

She wrote:

Good morning beautiful people. I decided to post this video today, without shame or afraid of being ridiculed.i woke up in July last year to this. I don’t need any pity, cos some of you think you can break me. I own my shit. I lost friends, lover and was devastated. But this was last year. Only few people knew. No insult will move me darlings and no it is not cream. With all your venoms, shaming etc.

I signed over 10 endorsements with this face. Some of you won’t read my caption, but I know you will share with your friends and families. And then laugh. Enjoy your laugh, until it happens to you. Like I said this was last year. I couldn’t FaceTime, video call, or even trust people around me. Now I want to share it. Your conscience is gone! just Evil people on social media. Enjoy and share?A year and half today#part1?own it


She added,

Thank you so much, we can’t rise by hiding. My lovely people , this is me yesterday , with no make up. So tell me why I shouldn’t clean the face? Calling me names won’t cut it. I bear the insults with a smile and gratitude to God..I Am Halima Abubakar and you can’t shame me. Glory be To God almighty. I hope this will , encourage some one today..Dont ever be afraid??????????JUST SEE? I CLEARED IT EVEN KNOWING THAT I WILL BE BASHED. AM HALIMA ABUBAKAR, I WOULD CLEAN ANY SPOT, WITH NO FEAR OF JUDGEMENT .I OWN IT WITH MY CHEST. AND CONFIDENCE❤️FEARLESS AND STRONGER THAN YOU??#part3coming

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